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Storage Solution

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Are you out of space? Are you remodeling and don't know what to do with your stuff? Does your company have too much inventory and no where to store it? Then an on-site storage container can be your answer!

Our secure, ground level storage containers are delivered right to your construction site, business or home. There is no need to transport your stuff to a storage bin when the "bin" can come to you.

Give us a call and find out why a container from Container King can be the solution for your storage needs.

Free Delivery Coupon


Click the image above to download a coupon for FREE Delivery within Highland County. A $75 savings! Limit one coupon per customer.


We, here at Highland District Hospital, are very pleased with the service we receive from Container King in the rental of a container. We always know that we can count on Container King staff if we need to purchase any more containers, in a ruch, or not. The staff is very pleasant to deal with, and is always very courteous. We would recommend doing busincess with Container King if you are looking for container rental.

Roxanne - Plant Services Secretary
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